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Premium Potting Mix

Formulated to promote healthy growth and colour in all plant types including potted colour; ornamental shrubs; hanging baskets and herbs & veggies.  Ki-Carma Premium Potting Mix will be loved by all plants and gardeners.  This outstanding potting mix contains a range of necessary elements that play a vital part in the growth of your plant and include but not limited to Coir Fibre, Zeolite, Seaweed & Water Crystals.

Fall in love again with gardening and watch your plants grow and flourish.  Ki-Carma Premium Potting Mix is a certified product to Australian Standard AS 3743.

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Organic Potting Mix

Ki-Carma Organic Potting Mix is a complete organic product that contains essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and colour.

Organic Potting Mix contains Seasol®, a seaweed concentrate that aids in the flowering & fruiting of plants and stimulates beneficial soil micro-organisms. Another key ingredient is Organic iQ™; a pelletised fertiliser that provides plant nutrients and necessary trace elements.

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Hidden Valley All Rounder – Currently De-Ranged

Hidden Valley All Rounder Potting is an effective general purpose potting mix with great visual appeal and growth performance.

It is great all round potting mix for indoor and outdoor plants. It contains a wetting agent, slow release fertiliser, and is pH adjusted. It gives plants the start they need.

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Hidden Valley Lush Growth – Currently De-Ranged

Hidden Valley Lush Growth Potting mix is an alternative mix that is suitable for all applications. It is ideal for herbs, veggies and fruit trees.

It contains coir peat to retain water absorption, and slow release fertiliser that lasts 6 months. Hidden Valley Lush Growth Potting mix can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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