Plant & Lawn Food

Essential nutrients
Better plant health
Superior growth and colour

Organic Plus Lawn Food

Organic Plus Lawn Food produces superior growth and colour and is suitable for all lawn types including Buffalo.

The Benefits of Organic Plus Lawn Food:

  • Fast acting
  • Will rejuvenate any old and tired lawn
  • Produces superior growth and performance
  • Based on natural ingredients, up to 60% including blood & bone; composted manure; silica and rock phosphate
  • Low odour; low burn; non-pelleted that will pass through a fertiliser spreader

How to Use:

  • Apply 40g per square metre by using a fertiliser spreader; drop spreader or by hand
  • Apply 3 – 5 times per year or when required
  • Water in thoroughly
Bag Size Bags Per Carton Quantity Barcode
4 kg 4 bags ½ handful = approx. 50g  
10 kg loose ½ handful = approx. 50g  
25 kg loose ½ handful = approx. 50g