Soil Conditioners & Compost

Ready to use
Improve soil quality
Superior results

Soil Conditioners & Compost

Ready to use
Improve soil quality
Superior results

Hidden Valley Cow Manure

Hidden Valley Cow Manure makes for an excellent soil conditioner. Best results are achieve when lightly worked into the soil prior to planting and when spread over soil before mulching.

The Benefits of Hidden Valley Cow Manure:

  • Natural fertiliser and soil conditioner
  • Pure, composted and weed free
  • Has beneficial microbes to stimulate the soil
  • Improves the structure and ecology of the soil
  • Ideal for all home gardens; lawns; trees; shrubs; vegetables & ornamentals
Bag Size Bags Per Pallet (Loscam) Barcode
25 Litre 72 bags 9 327459 000704

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    A ready to use garden soil that helps encourage earthworms. A rich mixture of compost, sandy loam and natural fertilsers with added wetting agent and no artificial additives Ki-Carma Garden Soil is well suited for a wide range of uses including vegetation, herbs to shrubs and tree planting.

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    Ki-Carma Organic iQ™

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    Hidden Valley All Rounder

    Hidden Valley All Rounder Potting Mix is an effective general purpose potting mix with great visual appeal and growth performance.

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