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Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertiliser

Ki-Carma Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertiliser is a balanced, organic blend of slow release and more readily available nutrients.

The Benefits of Ki-Carma Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertiliser:

  • Slow release pelletised fertiliser that is gentle on plants
  • Provides plant nutrients
  • Contains sulphate of potash for good fruit quality
  • Additional minerals and trace elements including magnesium, zinc and boron for better tree health
  • Active growth periods for Citrus & Fruit Trees are from early Spring to late Summer

How to Use:

  • Pre-Planting – place 50g in the bottom of the planting hole, cover with about 10cm of soil and water in well
  • Fruit & Citrus – apply approx. 120g – 150g for each year of the trees age, 2-3 times per year along trees drip line. For a tree that is ten years or more, apply a maximum of 1.25kg
  • Vine Fruit – are often prolific growers and respond well to fertiliser applications of approx. 500g per vine
  • Berry Fruit – strawberries; raspberries & gooseberries require a large amount of organic matter in well-drained soil, application of fertiliser before planting is recommended
Bag Size Bags Per Pallet Quantity Barcode
5 kg Loose (minimum buy: 3 bags) ½ handful = approx. 50g 9 327459 000124

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