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Organic iQ™

Ki-Carma Organic iQ™ is the right choice for today’s home gardener, a pelletised complete organic slow release garden fertiliser that has been fully composted.

The Benefits of Ki-Carma Organic iQ™:

  • Slow release pelletised fertiliser that is gentle on plants and easy to spread
  • Provides plant nutrients
  • Contains a range of organic inputs including natural minerals; blood & bone; seaweed; potash; fish meal and manure that is fully composted
  • Certified Product Australian Organic Ltd 10396

How to Use:

  • Vegetable & Garden Beds: 200g per square metre before planting, once planted apply 100g per square metre every 4 weeks
  • Trees; Shrubs; Roses & Palms: mix 100g with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole, once established apply 100g per square metre under the foliage but no closer than 10cm to the trunk
  • New Lawns: apply 100 – 200g per square metre & rake into the soil before laying your new lawn
  • Established Lawns: spread 100g per square metre and water well
  • Australian Natives: will vary in amounts required eg: plants from arid areas only require 50g per square metre and plants from wet rainforest areas require 100g per square metre and do not place pellets within 10cm of trunk
  • Compost Piles: add 100g per week to household compost piles to assist with composting process


Bag Size Bags Per Pallet (Chep) Quantity Barcode
15 kg 72 bags 1 cup = 2 handfuls = approx. 100g 9 327459 000100

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